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May 18, 1998
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To use the Visual Basic .Net click the arrow at the top of the post editor next to "...".

In the drop down select the select the VB.Net tag and input your code in the textbox below.

You can also add it manually by using:
[ CODE=vbnet]your code here[/CODE ]
Public Class Form4

    Dim myGetItemSalesSummaryDataTable As DataTable = New DataTable

    Private bi As BindingSource = New BindingSource()
    Private pageIndex As Integer = 1
    Private PageSize As Integer = 200
    Dim sqlDatabaseConnection As New OleDb.OleDbConnection(myConnectionString)
    Dim da As OleDb.OleDbDataAdapter
    Dim dt As DataTable = New DataTable
    Private ds As DataSet

    Private Sub Form4_Load(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load

        Call btnGetAllProducts_Click(sender, e)

        ComboBoxSearchBy.SelectedItem = ComboBoxSearchBy.Items.Item(0)


    End Sub