Deserialize for Another App and PC


Jan 18, 2004
Ive got nice a nice piece of software that can serialize and deserialize settings from my project just fine on one PC, but I need to be able to deserialize the file on another PC running a similar (but different) application.

Ive searched here and online, and it seems I need to use "Assembly.LoadFile(string pathToAssembly)," but are there any directions on how to do this?

Im not sure how to get the path to the assembly if it is running on another PC. Would this require each PC to have a static IP that I could ping and get this information (our network administrator wouldnt go for that). Should I deploy the assembly for the other PC with this application?

Would I call this when my form loads or specify it as part of my deserialize routine?

Both projects are in the same VS2005 solution, and both projects use the same Strong Name Key.

Any guidance is appreciated. Is example code needed? Its just the same, boring binary deserialize routine found all over the web.

Im just trying to use the TCP connection to send files from the creation software to the production software, open that file in a "ready to use" state, and start acting on it.