Is F#/WPF still being actively used?



I have just finished a WPF/C# based time recording system. We were plagued by null pointer exceptions and other problems which could have been designed out using F# data modeling. I would really like to do our next project using F#, but I have misgivings that the F#/WPF combination is dead.

1. The FsXaml type provider project seems to be the most mature, but the last commit was 3 years ago. Other support libraries have never left the "Here's a nice idea stage" e.g. FSharp.Desktop.UI

2. Many F#/WPF blogs have started a series of posts with promises of more to follow - which never materialized. e.g. F# and WPF part two - functional models, decoupled views.. Why the sudden lack of interest?

3. There seems to be a lack of any blogs showing recent experience.

4. Given that F# data preferably uses immutable data there should be lots of examples of using FSharpx.Collections etc. to achieve efficient implementation.

For example a weekly schedule may have 100 people for 7 days with 3 or 4 segments and punches per day. You can not copy thousands of entities just to update the value of a single property of single segment.

Can anyone point me to more recent examples with fully worked examples which are more than just the usual note taking app?

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