Little Mini Tutorial on Splitters


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Jun 10, 2003
Ok, I just opened a new project and retested the steps to the process as you explained them.

Step 1: Create Splitter1 (default align to left), Panel1 w/Textbox1 inside and Panel2 with Textbox2 inside.

Step 2: Dock Panel1 to left. Panel1 will dock to the left, but Splitter1 will still be further left. This isnt were we want it.

Step 3: R-Click on splitter and choose Bring to Front. This will cause it to reappear on the right of Panel1, which is were you really want it.

Note: It may be hard to right click on it. Its small and looks near identical to the Panel1 border. If you have trouble, open your properties window (if not already opened) and choose Splitter1 on the top dropdown. Make it wider and/or visible.

Step 4: Set Panel2s Dock property to fill and run application. If you run it now, Panel2 doesnt dock properly. You need to R-Click on Panel2 and Bring To Front. Test application again.

Thats the procedure I went through from start to finish on a fresh application. I know things are more hectic with Z-Orders and whatnot on a form youve been playing with for a while, but when all else fails, make sure you bring each panel and splitter to front.

You can add further splits within the existing panels by duplicating the process, but entirely within one of the existing panels.
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