Using Stored Procedures to Return Data from Oracle


Oct 21, 2003
Stored Procedures
We have all heard the rallying cry for stored procedures. Compiled SQL on the server improves performance over pass-through queries because the SQL is, well, compiled.

Performance gains are realized when parameters are submitted to the RDBMS server and injected into the query server-side as opposed to sending raw SQL strings built on the client-side, so the mantra goes.

The .NET framework provides a good toolset for accessing Oracle data from within .NET code, although it pales in comparison to the SQL Server toolset.
There are promises from Microsoft that improvements will be forthcoming in future versions.

The Oracle .NET Data Provider (the System.Data.OracleClient namespace) supports many of the same classes used in the SQL version including DataReader, DataAdapter, Command, and OracleParameter to name a few.